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Ethical Business Practices

  • We shall conduct our business in accordance with all material applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • We shall maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct and integrity by:
  • Being fair and honest in all business dealings, including our professional relationships.
  • Properly maintaining all information and records, recognizing errors and, when an error is confirmed, promptly correcting it; and cooperating fully with all internal and external audits and investigations initiated or sanctioned by AQUIPET.
  • We must protect the confidentiality and privacy of confidential employee, customer, shareholder, proprietary and third-party information and records.
  • We must make business decisions solely in the best interests of AQUIPET without regard to personal gain. This means that we shall use good judgment and endeavor to avoid even the appearance of any conflict between our individual interests and those of AQUIPET.

Business Conduct

  • Dealing fairly with others and maintaining professional relationships:
  • To maintain an effective working environment, we must treat others with fairness and respect, and we must maintain the highest standards of personal integrity.
  • We are committed to providing all employees with a workplace free of conduct that may be considered harassing, abusive or offensive, and we will not unlawfully discriminate against anyone.
  • We will not tolerate unlawful harassment in any form.
  • To maximize our effectiveness as an organization, we must promote equal opportunity and diversity. We must not unlawfully discriminate against others.
  • We shall deal fairly with customers, suppliers, competitors, and colleagues, and shall not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential or privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair-dealing practice.
  • We represent AQUIPET at all times, therefore we shall strive to conduct our affairs in a responsible and prudent manner.