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We strive on:Shore Tanks 2

• Watching over our customers’ interest.
• Continuously satisfying our customers with prompt, relevant and complete information.
• Reassuring our professional and ethical image.
• Continuous communication with our customers so that we can promptly adapt to changes.
• Technological updates to provide a professional, fast and high quality services.

Our Mission: To be a leading independent petroleum inspection service organization, preserving our clients’ interests involving the custody transfer of crude oil, refined products, LPG, petrochemicals and solid materials.

Fact: In lieu of the increased prices for oil of recent years, suppliers and buyers have been looking for ways to direct their endeavors to minimize losses.


How do we do it?

By exercising custody transfer and loss control practices assessing the shore loading conditions such as gauges, line contents, line displacements, sampling, accurate temperature and °API readings and findings for free water and slops.

FactAny difference up to 0.3% shore/ship on a 2mmb crude oil cargo, could yield to a loss up to 6,000 bbl. Any amount recovered within this range is an important finding.

Fact: A 3oF error while calculating net barrels at 60 oF could represent several hundred barrels loss.


How do we deal with local terminal conditions?

By focusing on the fact that supply and loading limitations prevailing in the refineries and oil terminals in our region today, are not entirely suitable for the rigorous practice of international standards. Ship inspection practices before, during and after loading completion are more important than ever. On arrival ships tank and line conditions must be carefully assessed. Proper sealing of empty compartments and cofferdams. Inspection and gauging of bunker compartments. strict application of API’s, chapter 17 procedures for custody transfer and loss control including the application of certified vessel’s experience factor (VEF) in the final shore/ship reconciliation.

Additionally, we believe that the logistic control of cargoes is essential to our clients, therefore we make every effort in keeping you up to date with relevant and important information throughout the entire process.